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CSO Development

The CSO has long been synonymous with musical excellence and great concerts in Canberra.

At the heart of the CSO’s ambition is to enrich the lives of audiences through music. We see no better way than through our community programming.

There is an increasing body of evidence worldwide that mental health and wellbeing benefits from exposure to or participation in arts activities – and that music is the most primal of art forms. That is why the CSO’s Education and Community activities are increasingly important to a sustainable CSO in future, particularly from a fundraising perspective.

CSO Development is part of the new CSO business model and brings together Partnerships and Philanthropy sharing networks and resources in pursuit of commonly-held goals.  This interconnectivity has become increasingly clear through interactions between the CSO and its partners and our activity that is impacting peoples’ lives right now.

Kingsland Resident Artists
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Community and Education
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