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  • Noteworthy Education Program

    The CSO’s Noteworthy concerts have provided musical inspiration and learning on a symphonic scale to over 50,000 children from the ACT since 2007.
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  • Icon Water Gala - Puccini

    The CSO presents some of the most extraordinary arias, duets and orchestral music from the wonderful world of opera with two of Australia’s most accomplished operatic stars Olivia Cranwell and James Egglestone.
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  • Canberra Weekly Matinee Magic - In the Mood

    Enjoy the immortal music of Glenn Miller, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington in lush symphonic arrangements as the CSO takes a journey into the swing era.
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Upcoming Concert

Saturday Series/02
Icon Water Gala

4 July 2015, 7.30pm
Featuring favourites from Puccini, Wagner, Verdi and more.

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Video: Season 2015

CSO Chief Conductor and Artistic Director Dr Nicholas Milton, talks about the 2015 season

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Upcoming Concert

Llewellyn Series/03

19 & 20 August 2015, 7.30pm
Llewellyn Hall, ANU
KODÁLY Dances of Galánta
SIBELIUS Violin Concerto
BRAHMS Symphony No. 4

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